Keeping People Together

park-289087_1280Cheating and cyber-cheating are different things to most people. The internet communities like KikFinder allow people to have a cyber-presence that never has to interrupt their personal lives and is great for finding girls on KiK. The same person that can get carried away in an interaction off the internet, is the same person that could also conceivably get carried away with an online situation. There is a middle group, however. They can use the internet to draw a little strange into their lives without letting it envelope them.

For those where this is the case, the internet allows them a way to allow their inner strangeness out, without offending anyone, or hurting their partner. It is certainly not healthy to lead a life of containment of interests, so having the social sites to enjoy the panoply of humanity is a nice way to both explore, and to find others that share the same odd interests. Perhaps this is an over-used colloquialism, but in the end it is all good!