Why You Should Live in Sloan Lake

You’ll Fit Right in at Sloan Lake

If you are considering owning a nice piece of real estate in Sloan lake Denver you are on the right track, check out Lakehouse 17. Sloan Lake Denver, is a great place to live an to raise a family. It has lots to do and is simply breathtaking. If you want to live here it feels like you are on vacation then Sloan Lake is probably for you.

There are a variety of homes to choose from and you will be able to find the one you really love with ease. You will also be able to find one that fits your budget as there is a wide range of homes to choose from. You will find historical Victorian homes and cozy bungalows. You will even find duplexes and more modern condos.

There are many new breweries, restaurants, and houses and a brand new theater is being built in the area as well. There is also a library for avid readers.

If you like to get out and enjoy the fresh air there are plenty f trails that are pedestrian and bicycle friendly. There is also a light rail nearby and a Marina.

Sloan Lake offers a rich diversity, great people, and beautiful architecture. If you live here you get the best of both worlds such as beauty and shopping. You can enjoy the outdoors while you still enjoy the modern luxuries that you just don’t want to live without.

If you are active or just enjoy sports, you will love that there is a baseball field, eight lighted tennis courts, picnic tables, and plenty of playgrounds for the kids.

Sloan Lake is also a great place to live if you love wildlife. There is no shortage of wildlife such as pelicans and heron. You can see them on the are quite frequently and they love to be admired and have their picture taken.

This area of Denver has so much to offer such as great schools, temperate weather, great amenities and so many opportunities to enjoy its natural beauty. It also has a vibrant nightlife and many historic buildings and friendly neighborhoods.

Denver has over 200 parks and over 143,300 acres of the Denver area have been preserved as open space. The majestic mountains are perfect for a getaway and offer great spots for camping, fishing, and hiking. If you like to golf here are more than 70 golf courses and there’s never any shortage of trails and pathways for recreational purposes such as cycling, walking, or jogging.